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BitBazaar is a shopping plattform on the Darknet available only with the browser TOR on the below ONION address.

Since its a market place on the Darknet there are drugs and medicines for sale. BitBazaar is a relatively new darkweb market that supports a significant number of cryptocurrencies, features one of the highest referral commission rates, allows purchases without user accounts, and has an ebay-style auction system.

BitBazaar Features

Please note that these features are the features advertised by the market.

- Walletless (no central wallets)

- Accountless (you can but you don't need to create an account to buy)

- BitAuction (an eBay style auction system)

- Escrow

- Fast Support

- 2FA and PGP

- Encrypt Messages

- BitHow (an integrated platform for users sharing guides and articles)

- BitAsk (an integrated forum)

- Only 1% Commission Fee to Vendors

- Anyone can list your own product (3 days old users have one free listing to test our platform and decide if they want to upgrade their vendor accounts and still selling on BitBazaar)

- A referral system with 20% commission of each transaction Cryptocurrencies

   Bitcoin Cash