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Samsara Market

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The all new Dream Market is live, and this time it is called SamSara Market. This Market place looks and feels exactly like the old good Dream Market, and we heard rumours about at least some of the staff is from the old Dream...

Access SamSara Market (Onion URL - only accessible by TOR web browser)


Alternative URLS for SamSara if the main one is down

Note: BE very careful with where you find links to these sites, especially if you have coins in your account. There are Scam sites and phishing sites out there. Below links are updated as often as we can. Only use these, or the main one above! The "/?ai=6505570" part in the URL is an invitation code and is only necessary if you don't have an account on SamSara Market - otherwise you can remove that part.

First steps

In order to be able to make purchases you must use Bitcoins. You will see your bitcoin deposit immediately after you have send bitcoins to your Saṃsāra Market wallet address. Deposit confirmation time depends on the congestion of the blockchain network, but usually takes about 45 minutes for 3 confirmations.

Is SamSara the New Dream Market?

That Question was answered by one the Admins like this:

"The shutdown of DM was the end of an era. I think that for us, SpeedSteppers did a really great thing. He provided, for six long years, a venue for everyone to do their trading. For this reason, SpeedSteppers will forever be considered a founding father of the darknet. The way the market was shut down was, while not perfect, still deserving of a lot of respect."

It is apparent now that the Dream market will not be coming back. With the loss of the largest market on the darknet, it is time for a new beginning. We think SpeedSteppers can look down from the sky and be proud of what he inspired.

News from SamSara Market 1 july 2019

Samsara Market Beta went online

The first beta version of Saṃsāra Market is online. Our official opening date is 1 July, 2019. Vendors are free to setup offers at any point however. Some of its many features are listed below:

   Featured escrow market platform
   Uses Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to increase anonymity
   Escrow system is designed for buyer and seller protection.
   Functionality of the site matches what users expect.
   Favourite vendors list
   First market with anti-phishing measures that completely defeat transparent MitM proxies!
   New Community page to decide what features get implemented.
   Search form that works perfectly.
   Search based on geographic location, like country or continent, keywords, price, etc
   There is no paid ‘stickies’ or ads. This only costs vendors money and pisses off customers.
   Our dual-rating system allows buyers to rate sellers and sellers to rate their customers.
   For completed transactions, reviews can be edited at any time.
   For vendors, import your stats from other markets and show them on your profile.
   Sellers can list different products in different currencies.
   Currencies are automatically converted at the current average of worldwide exchange rates.
   Easy to use messaging system with conversations.
   Trading fees (4%) are transparent and fully disclosed on your dashboard.
   Sellers have a full product and order management system.
   Easily set multiple, per-item, shipping prices.
   2FA login and automatic message encryption (configurable).
   Ability to recover lost passwords with PIN numbers.
   Add a security password for purchases/withdrawals.
   100% Javascript-free Stay safe with us, we don't even use it.
   NO icon fonts used. Bootstrap / FontAwesome → not awesome. They are unoptimized and have no suitable fallback. They really have no place on a dark market.
   Professional, no-nonsense team
   Everything just works, allowing you to focus on trading.