Where to find info and likeminded people, Part 1.

So, you are against prohibition on drugs too? That’s a good thing. Want to do something for the community? I’m gonna make a serie of posts to help you find the sites, mailing lists and communities where you can contribute and help us reach the goal: Legalization of drugs!

First, check theese sites. Alot of interesting articles and facts:

Theese sites are communities, organizations and article databases. You can register on them and sign up for newsletters to get the latest information on whats happening. The sites listed are mostly about USA, I will list some for Europe in my next part.

To most of them you can donate a dollar or two by PayPal.

If you have a website or a blogg, you can add a link to the sites (and don’t forget to link to Drugwiki aswell). A simple thing is something, and if everybody helps it will be easier for other people to find the GOOD information about drugs when they search on Google for example.

There are alot of organization that has groups on the social communities like Facebook, join them! And invite your friends!

If you are a member of Digg or similiar sites, submit a page from Drugwiki or some of the sites you like!

Mention the war against drugs and talk about it on your Blog if you have one!

Simple things really, the important thing is to do SOMETHING, just spending 5 minutes stating your opinion in a community is SOMETHING. And worth alot if everybody does it!

Really, what is the difference?

More and more drugs are getting listed as ”dangerous”, both here in sweden and other countries. In sweden theres lately this trend to list substances that could be dangerous as ”dangerous to health” instead of a drug. The difference is that it’s easier and faster to get it listed as such. An example is GBL. Now, I don’t really know exactly the procedure in other countries, but I do know that more and more substances are getting listed everywhere in the world. Theres a huge debate about BZP in New Zealand for instance.

So, is it good to make drugs ilegal? I don’t think so… theres a combination of two fotos I’d like to share, they have some things in common or what do you think?

Do you recognize who they are? Well.. It’s Al Capone and Pablo Escobar.

  • Al Capone was an alcohol smuggler during prohibition in USA. The prohibition failed! How many lifes were wasted on the WAR AGAINST ALCOHOL? Was it really necesary, how many broken hearts did that nonsense really cause?
  • Pablo Escobar was a Cocaine druglord from Colombia. Just take a random guess… how many lifes has THE WAR AGAINST drugs taken, how many are in prison because drugs are ilegal. How many families are destroyd due to this? Is it really necessary? No, I don’t think so!

With Drugwiki we want to make people aware of what drugs do, what are the dangers and the benefits. Don’t accept the ”Alcohol is not as dangerous as drugs” concept. Research! Don’t treat drugs as ”drugs”. Every drug is different and affects the body and brain in different manners. Some are more addicitive than others.

”If all drugs were legal, then everyone would be addicted.” Really? Most of you probably know that sniffing gasoline gives you a high, and that it’s dangerous.. I don’t think you spend your days sniffing gasoline even if you can, do you? Ok, not the best of examples but you get the idea.

I’m not saying let’s make are drugs legal for trade and use over a night, but we DO need a change. It’s such a waste to put people in prison because they smoked a pot. And how much does the war against drugs cost in money? All cops, lawyers, courts, prisons… etc. Are there not more meaningful things to spend that money on?

Drugwiki wants to gather information about drugs, and provide that information to you!

Det finns ett alternativ

SvD skriver om Clintons resa, narkotikahandeln är i fokus och man har från USA’s sida hackat rätt rejält på Mexiko. Drogkartellerna härjar fritt och kämpar om marknadsandelar. Hillary sa att det är USAs ”omättliga aptit” på droger som bär skulden.

Uppskattningsvis dog 5000 människor i knarkkriget förra året.

Ja, så nu för att få bukt med problemet så utlovas Mexiko ”medel” i form av Black Hawk helikoptrar och andra vapen för att få bukt med problemet.

Ja, så var det den där aptiten på droger… beror den på misär och fattigdom som finns i USA? Det är nog snarare så att vi behöver droger, vi har ett behov att uppleva något annat. Må väl, fly från verkligheten. Det vill man nog även om man är fattig, rik, olycklig, utslagen eller välmående. Alla civilisationer tar droger och har ett behov av det. Så är det och har varit sedan urminnes tider. Nu är det så att några har bestämt att vår civilisation ska använda drogen alkohol! Det är drogen vi får ta, gillar du det inte så får du vara utan. Och det är ju bra? Alkohol är ju så nyttigt? Alkohol orsakar ju inga dödsfall och inget beroende och skapar inga problem i samhället?