Drugwiki 1.15

Finally! I have been waiting for this for very long! Mediawiki released version 1.15. The most important update is that it’s possible to add NoFollowDomainExceptions. Due to spamming issues all links has been Nofollow for quite long, which means that the linked-to site gains no PR for the even if it is valid and not spam. But now, with the exception-list this is history!

If you have a webbsite, related to drugs and want to be in the whitelist. Then simply edit the links page, and toss me a mail saying that you have added your site. (I will check the page from time to time, but if you notify me it goes faster). Being in the whitelist means that ALL links on any page on the entire wiki will be DOFOLLOW. It’s a sitewide exception and not only on the links page. 🙂 Below you have the link-lists in each language.

Spanish list

English list

Swedish list