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Archetyp Market

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New Market on the Darknet. Monero (XMR) only. Archetyp Market opened mid 2021 and was launched as an European only market. The market is special, and does not look like any other market yet.


Use the code: WjU4dl - when registering (Archetyp is since 2023 invite only so you need the code).

SWEDISH: Vill du ha en steg för steg guide till Archetyp Market på darknet på SVENSKA? Läs Luffarns guide till att komma igång med Archetyp för dig som är ny här:


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Betala med Monero

Monero (XMR) is the best cryptocoin when it comes to safety. It is very anonymous. A few trustworthy places to get hold of some Monero below.

Registering on Archetyp Market

First of all, enter the captcha on the white screen, 6 digits and then click the broken circle. Next, fill in your desired username, and also a display-name (visible to vendors and other users).

One of the fastest growing markets

Archetyp was launched for the European market and some months later the boom started and as of 2021-11-12 there are almost 1 000 new users every day registering here.

Rules on Archetyp

On Archetyp you can buy and sell (if you register a vendor account) a large variety of different substances - both legal and illegal. What you buy is up to you, but visiting a darknet market - and even buying is not against the law. Now if you buy something that is not allowed in your country it is up to you to be aware of.

Some bulletpoints from the Archetyp Staff.

  • Be friendly. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Good behavior is always encouraged.
  • Be fair. Provide fair and honest feedback, understand possible issues on the other end.
  • Be honest. Describe your goods properly, tell others the truth while maintaining your OPSEC standards.
  • Be helpful. Report violations, provide guidance for those in need. We are stronger together.

Drugs only market

Nothing except medicine and substances are allowed on Archetyp, meaning no guns, no porn, no malware, no fraud items or stolen credit cards - only drugs.

Interview with Archetyp

We sent a few questions to the admin of the market, a small interview. Check out the answers below.

You opened as an EU only market, why?

Initially we opened as EU only market, that was back in May 2020, we wanted to offer a specialized market for Europe, where everything will be customized for Europe only, to serve European interests. On the stoners days, 4/20 2021 what seems to be another market, started a DDoS attack against our onion. As we were not able to find out, which market performed these attacks, our best possible way to payback, was to expand our market to the whole world, to try and takeaway some customers from the attacker \m/

Aren’t you afraid of getting busted?

No, not really. While I do have a lot respect towards the police authority and do not underestimate them, I know whereon my security is based and that I have to make sure to keep this at all times.

I think what many people do not keep in mind is, that only because Monero currently counts as "untraceable", this is not a promise that will still count in the future, there are companies who work active on tracing Monero transactions. The biggest mistakes of busted admins, where often papertrails.

With increasing computation power, it will get easier to trace Monero transactions. If I send a transaction today, there is no guarantee that this transaction will be untraceable in 5 years. My "crimes" will not be lapsed till then, therefore I have to make sure, that my anonymity will still remain, even in 10 years.

Why is only drugs and medicine allowed on your market?

Would drugs be legal in an utopia? Yes. Would Fraud be legal in an utopia? No. I think all drugs should be legalized, while I would want harder punishments for Fraud. Drugs use does not directly cause harm. Drug abuse does. We should not ban dangerous substances, but educate about them. I think there is a lot of potential in various mind altering substances.

What do you think you will be doing in 5 years, what is your vision?

In five years I'll run the biggest drug market, while maintaining highest security and quality standards. We have a lot planned with Archetyp, and we continue to always improve. I'm sure we will never stop this way of operation.

Do you think drugs will be legalized any time soon?

Worldwide: No. Within the the EU, I can see drugs going to be decriminalized, I can not think of a when though. I think the youth is more ready to do it. In Germany cannabis is likely to get legalized within 4 years, so that's a first step.

Thanks to YosemiteGhostWrite for the answers.