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Dark0de Market

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Dark0de Reborn Market EXIT SCAM

This market Exit Scammed recently and is out of business.

Best alternatives to Dark0de Reborn

Verified, secure and tested markets listed here:

Dark0de is now the fastest growing darknet market, read this Step-by-step guide to get ready to check it out and start using the darknet and all the possibilities that is out there. This market also offers the Deaddrop option. And payment options are either Monero or Bitcoin.

Completely new to Darknet?

If you never before browsed the darknet, you will have to get some apps and get used. Darknet is slightly different from the ordinary internet you might be used to. to prepare a few things.

Install TOR from here: This goes for desktop computers, if you are on a phone then you need Orbot for Android phones or any Onion browser for iPhone (you can search for Onion browser in AppStore)

Signing up for access

Look at the top right-hand corner and click the Register button. Enter all requested information and make sure to write down your password and PIN, Username and Dont forget the Private Username (that is the one used to login later).


How much for the drugs on Dark0de Market

Whats the price, you might ask? How much do they sell 1 gram of Amfetamine or what does 1 gram of Heroin cost? Well, this depends alot on which country the dealer lives in. Cocaine for instance is of course cheaper in some countries early in the delivering chain than Europe also has quite some differences between say Netherlands and Norway. Netherlands being the cheaper place for most drugs, and if you reside in Europe you can order from the Netherlands without taking too much of a risk. The Speed is cheap in Germany and Poland, slightly more expensive in the most Northern countries.

A few price examples

  • Speed, sent from Germany you can find some selling 100g for 100 Euro, thats 1 Euro per gram.
  • Ketamine, from UK, around 10 Euro per gram for small orders.
  • LSD, from Netherlands you can buy really good 200ug blotters for 1,5 Euro each

Below are some live ads from Dark0de Market

25gspeed-dark0de.png 1g-keta-dakr0de.png 100xLSD-154dollar-Dark0de.png

Some words from the Dark0de Team

No more government powers undermining the very freedoms we were born with. Instead of the flat hierarchies witnessed with current markets, even the ones claiming to have the “final solution” are not robust enough to withstand future changes such as threats to security and quantum computing. We believe in a hierarchical structure where the last defence is the start of a new one, layer upon layer. The complexity in which we built Dark0de makes sure that members within each layer are completely isolated and safe.

Our market is written from scratch by our team, we do not base our code on a copy or a clone from something or someone else. This would not be a safe and responsible manner to build a Darknet market.