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M and m ecstasy

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M and m Ecstasy pill.

M and M Ecstasy

The Missouri State Highway Patrol Crime Laboratory (Jefferson City, Missouri) recently received a polydrug seizure that included a small amount of marijuana and two red tablets (total net mass 0.59 gram) with an 'M M' logo, suspected MDMA (see Photo 3, right). The exhibits were seized in Columbia, Missouri by the local Police Department (details of seizure not available). Color testing gave a negative result with sodium nitroprusside, and a magenta color with the Marquis reagent. Analysis of an extract by GC/MS indicated not MDMA, but rather methorphan (3-methoxy-N-methylmorphinan (not quantitated)). Due to the scheduling differences between dextromethorphan, levomethorphan, and racemethorphan, an optical isomer determination using the trinitrobenzoic acid microcrystalline test* was performed, and confirmed dextromethorphan [* See Clarke, Isolation and Identification of Drugs, 1969]. This is believed to be the first ever submission of dextromethorphan tablets to the Missouri laboratory system.

Source: DEA