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Pyramid ecstasy

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Pyramid Ecstasy pill.

Pyramid Ecstasy



The Virginia Department of Forensic Science, Central Laboratory (Richmond) recently received six small ziplock bags, each containing two unusually shaped, dark blue tablets, apparent Ecstasy. The tablets were seized by the Petersburg Police pursuant to a local traffic stop, and were submitted as an unknown/suspected drug (Petersburg is about 25 miles south of Richmond). The tablets were approximately 8 millimeters in diameter, with a round base flat on one side and a six sided pyramid shape on the other side. Analysis of the tablets (total net mass 3.81 grams) by color tests, TLC, and GC/MS indicated MDMA, methamphetamine, caffeine, procaine, and 1-(3,4-methylenedioxyphenyl)-2-propanol in an approximate ratio of 24:12:50:12:2 (based on the TIC; not formally quantitated). This is the first known submission of tablets with this unusual shape to the laboratory; however, Ecstasy combination tablets are becoming more common at the Central Laboratory, especially those containing methamphetamine and caffeine. Source: DEA