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Yin yang ecstasy

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Yin yang Ecstasy pill.

Yin yang Ecstasy

Contains alot more ketamine than MDMA, about 10 times more. Pretty nice mix.

Ying Yang ecstasy description

The California Department of Justice Forensic Laboratory in Eureka (approximately 250 miles north of San Francisco) recently received two separate submissions of identical tablets, blue in color and having the yin yang symbol logo on one face and half-scored on the obverse face, suspected Ecstasy. The first submission (2 tablets) was seized in Ukiah (approximately 100 miles north of San Francisco) by the Ukiah Police, while the second submission (20 tablets) was seized in Eureka by the Eureka Police (circumstances not provided for either seizure). Analysis by GC/MS, however, indicated not MDMA but rather a mixture of ketamine and methamphetamine (not quantitated, but in approximately a 10:1 ratio based on the TIC). This is the first submission of ketamine in tablet form to the laboratory.

Source: DEA

Yin Yang Contains