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Empire Market

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Empire Market is a market built to resemble the now defunct Alphabay market. As of this post, the market as 3,500 lists. Empire Market accepts Bitcoin, Monero and Litecoin.

Currently, the biggest darknet market and the best alternative to Dream Market according to darknet users, Empire Market features 2FA, PGP, Escrow, supports Bitcoin, Monero, Litecoin.

Accessing Empire Market

Before you can access anything else; the marketplace would ask you to register/login. Obviously being a Darknet Market, it doesn’t ask for any personally identifiable information.


You can pay with bitcoin and Monero.

Not allowed on Empire Market

The marketplace does seem to be pretty liberal with what is or isn’t allowed, however the last time we did an Empire market review it did allow weapons to be sold on the marketplace which they recently changed and now any weapons’ listing results in an immediate vendor ban.

Apart from weapons, the other goods not allowed on the marketplace include

  • Child Porn
  • Prostitution
  • Murder

Selling stuff on Empire Market

The marketplace does accept individual vendors vending over there and obviously isn’t an admin-only marketplace.

However it recently spiked its vendor-bond from USD $100.00 to USD $200.00; which in my personal opinion is still dirt-cheap considering its established reputation and buyer-base; and also the much higher price asked for by other Darknet Markets.

The vendor bond was earlier refundable; however they stopped refunding the bond and it’s now a non-refundable payment which again in my opinion is an anti-scam measure demotivating scammers from joining the platform.