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Hammer ecstasy

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Hammer Ecstasy pill.

Hammer Ecstasy



The Monroe County Public Safety Laboratory (Rochester, New York) recently received four round, orange tablets with a 'claw hammer' logo on one face and half-scored on the reverse face, apparent Ecstasy. The tablets were seized in Wyoming County, New York (details sensitive). The tablets were 9.2 millimeters in diameter by 5 millimeters thick, and weighed approximately 325 milligrams each. Unlike almost all purported 'Ecstasy' tablets submitted to the laboratory, which are barrel shaped with flat tops and bottoms, these were biconvex. Analysis by nitroprusside, Marquis, and GC/MS confirmed MDMA, adulterated with procaine (not quantitated, but with similar abundances based on their TICs). This was the first submission of Ecstasy tablets with this logo to the laboratory. Source: DEA