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Incognito Market

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Incognito Market is a darknet based marketplace where you can buy drugs and medicine, both legal and not.


ONION link to Incognito

You can ONLY reach Incognito Market with your ONION-browser like TOR. It's not possible to use your Internet Explorer or Safari default browser for these part of the internet called the darknet. You can download TOR browser and install it here, it takes just a brief moment:

Register on Incognito

Fill in your desired username and password and the captcha.

Incognito market.png

Add money

Sending Bitcoin or Monero to your account is easy, just click the "dollar"-button on the upper right corner and generate an address.

Depostin incognito.png

The address is valid for 6 hours, so make sure you generate one before sending. Other markets might have the same address longer and permanent so dont send to an address you used before, you need a fresh one every time.


What can you buy on Incognito Market

You will find drugs, both legal and also substances that could be illegal in your country, it is up to you as a user to be aware of that and the risks. However - registering and checking out a darknet market is not against the law so go ahead and check out the market without fear.

There are many vendors to chose from, below a few examples

Some vendors incognito.png

A closer look on what the vendor HeinekenExpress has to offer..

Drugs heinekenexpress.png


Lets check whats available in the category dissociatives. We searched for ketamine below..

Keta on incognito.png

We found the pretty known dutch vendor HeinekenExpress on Incognito, they been selling on the darknet for many many years and people like their stuff. Lets take a look how the buying process is.


Clicking the product takes you to the page where you write your delivery address and in the next step pay with either Bitcoin or Monero.

Bying on incognito.png

What can you buy or sell on Incognito

Incognito Market has a strict harm-reduction policy on substances allowed on the market. Currently allowing the below categories.

BENZODIAZEPINES Ex. - Alprazolam - Clonazolam - Diazepam - Flubromazolam - Lorazepam - Etc.

CANNABINOIDS Ex. - Cannabis - Edibles - Assorted cannabis products Etc.

DISSOCIATIVES Ex. - 2-FDCK - DXM - Ketamine Etc.

PSYCHEDELICS Ex. - LSD - Psilocybin Mushrooms - DMT - Mescaline - 2C-Xs Etc.

STIMULANTS, ENTACTOGENS AND NOOTROPICS Ex. - Amphetamine - Methamphetamine - MDMA - MDA - Modafinil - Cocaine Etc.

MISCELLANEOUS - Viagra, Cialis, etc. - Insulin - GHB - Alcohol and Tobacco - Narcan and similar anti-OD substances - Test kits

More about Incognito Market

Below is information and text grabbed from their market information...

Incognito Market originally launched during the holidays last year. We've managed to stay out of fights and have maintained good continuous uptime during the year. Our small but dedicated team focuses on giving you the best market experience. If you've had some past experience with our feedback thread, you'll definitely be amazed at how fast we implement your suggestions in a rolling update.

So, what makes us different?

✅ Friendly Interface and User Experience On first look, you'll find that Incognito Market aims to provide an interface that is aesthetic and as simple as possible, with most of the functionalities appearing only when they are required. Our UX is straightforward and easily comprehendable, with no redundant bells and whistles so that you can focus on your shopping without much effort.

✅ Attentive Market Support Our market support staff is friendly and responsive, and are always nice to our users. I don't think that there are negative feedback yet on our market support.

✅ Fast and Secure Codebase Incognito Market is written from ground up with a self-designed framework that provides us the maximum flexibility and security required. Also, the framework is designed in a way that allows it to maintain a small bandwidth usage hence reducing the loading time required for our users.

✅ Solid Uptime We have recorded only one major outtage since our launch, our system design allows us to not require taking down the servers for most maintenances. Furthermore, our recent infrastructure upgrade further strengthens the reliability and availability of our services.

✅ OTR Jabber Bot Tired of logging into our market? Yes, you saw it right. Simply chat with our OTR-secured jabber bot and you can easily manage your orders and listings. Currently, this is only exclusively available for vendors, but who knows? We might open it up for buyers as well soon.

✅ Community Projects In addition to Incognito Market, our team also maintains /d/Antinalysis (a Bitcoin analysis service available to the general public) and /d/ (an anonymous and fast email service).

✅ Withdrawal Crypto Analysis For all our withdrawals, we provide optional free fund risk assessments done by Antinalysis in order to increase the safety of our users.

✅ For High Rollers If you're in for a high risk game, we got a casino with some of the common games you'll find in their physical counterparts!

So, now that I'm interested. How should I join?

For Buyers Simply sign up and start buying from your favourite vendors! Our FAQ covers everything you should need to know, and any other questions can be asked here on the subdread or in our modmail and PMs.

For Vendors To register as a vendor, first create and sign into a regular user account, and submit an application. Established vendors who have good track records on reputable markets will have their bond fully waived and, depending on rep, may be applicable for FE privileges.

Come and give us a try, you sure won't regret it !!!

And as always, please feel free to provide any feature requests or suggestions.