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Sunflower ecstasy

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Sunflower Ecstasy pill.

Sunflower Ecstasy

The DEA Northeast Laboratory (New York, NY) recently received 790 round, off white tablets with a sunflower logo, suspected ecstasy (see Photo 6). The tablets were acquired in New York City by agents from the DEA New York Division. Analysis of the tablets (total net mass 215.8 grams) by GC/FID and GC/MS, however, indicated not MDMA but rather 7.6 percent cocaine calculated as the hydrochloride salt (20 milligrams per tablet), along with acetaminophen, caffeine, and a small amount of propoxyphene (salt form and isomer of propoxyphene not determined). This was the first submission of cocaine in tablet form to the Northeast Laboratory, and is believed to be the first submission of tablets with a sunflower logo. Source: DEA


*Note that Acetaminophen is Paracetamol ^^. Found in headache pills you can by over desk without receipt. But those 20mg Cocaine should have some effect thou, worth buying - if you can get them cheap I'd say!