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Truck flap woman ecstasy

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Truck flap woman Ecstasy pill.

Truck flap woman Ecstasy


The DEA Southeast Laboratory (Miami, Florida) recently received two submissions totaling over 16,000 yellow tablets with two logo types, all suspected MDMA. Both submissions were seized in a combined operation by DEA Agents and the Miami Police, the first from an apartment in Miami, and the second from outside the Bayfront Mall in Miami. The first submission contained: A) 4,993 tablets with a superimposed 'LV' logo, similar to the Louis Vuitton designer label; and B) 4,720 tablets with a reclining woman logo. The second submission contained C) 6,436 tablets also with the 'LV' logo (same as in Photo 10). The tablets were all about 8 millimeters in diameter by 8 millimeters thick, and weighed approximately 280 milligrams each. Analyses by GC/FID, GC/MS, FTIR/ATR, Raman, and NMR confirmed a nearly identical mixture in all three sets of tablets: MDMA (30 milligrams/tablet), methamphetamine (7 milligrams/tablet), 3,4-methylenedioxydimethylamphetamine (MDDMA, trace), caffeine, and procaine (salt forms not determined). There has been a recent increase in this type of submission to the Southeast Laboratory, and both logo types have been previously (but only sporadically) encountered.