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Diplopterys cabrerana

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Namn: Chaliponga. Synonym: Banistriopsis rusbyana

Innehåller: DMT, NMT, spår av 5-MEO-DMT, se mera nedan

Generell Information


Växt som används till att göra Ayahuasca. Skall användas tillsammans med en MAO-hämmare

"Natives of western Amazon add DMT- and N-methyltryptamine containing leaves of the vine D. cabrerana to a drink made from Banisteriopsis caapi, which contains beta-carbolines harmine and harmaline (Schultes 1977, Smith 1977). D. cabrerana is also known as Banisteriopsis rusbyana. 3-8 leaves of this plant can be boiled in water containing lemon juice for one or two hours and filtered to produce a relatively easily ingested liquid that is active when combined with MAO-inhibitors. With 6 leaves the psychedelic effect from such a brew has been reported to be strong, with minimal nausea compared to e.g. M. hostilis." [1]

Om innehållet

Publicerad av DMT, spann DMT, medelvärde
Poisson 1965 (1 prov) --- 0.64%
Der Marderosian et al 1968 (1) 1.33-1.75% 1.46%
Agurell et al 1968 (1 prov) --- 0.46%
McKenna et al 1984 (1 prov) --- 0.17%
För alla prover ovan 0.17-1.75% 0.68%


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