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Darknet Markets

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How do people buy drugs on Darknet

Using Darknet Markets has come more and more popular in recent years. People buy what they need on these "eBay-like" shopping plattforms. Whether they need legal- or illegal substances - everything is available on these sites. Paying with Bitcoin makes the transaction invisible and using the web browser TOR makes the visit anonymous.

Prerequisites for using Darknet Shopping Markets

You need Bitcoin and the browser TOR. You can NOT even visit this type of sites with Chrome or Internet Explorer, so start here.

List of Darknet Markets

There are International Markets, as well as Country specific. Caution: Be very careful from where you get your links, save the links in a textfile on your computer for next time to protect yourself from getting phished.

BEST Market 2023

This one is worth registering at and keeping an eye on, extremely fast loading and simple. Im talking about Archetyp Market and the link is below, check it out.

OR Onion

Feel free to enter the code: WjU4dl - when registering

Theres also more information about Archetyp Market available.



(Feel free to remove the "maryloo" part if you already have an account, otherwise it is an invitation code you can use when registering)

Read more and learn how to use Incognito Market in this guide.

The following is a brief discussion about Incognito market, with several very innovative features.

  • A clean and friendly user interface that is designed to be easy to navigate.
  • Recon API integration for streamlined vendor applications
  • Fast page load speed (first paint) and user experience with low latency.
  • Authentication designed with security in mind, added secret word concept to prevent security issues caused by lazy password reuse
  • Anonguard, an automated and dynamic DDoS defense that only appears when under attack.
  • Incogbot, our friendly mascot is available for chat over jabber with vendors. Vendors can check/interact with their orders and receive notifications with Incogbot, all the while not losing security with OTR and anti-phishing countermeasures on our jabber bot.
  • Unique featuring system that makes sure featured listings are shown to the buyers most likely to be interested in the item.

Archetyp Market

This one is new, but really unique. We actually expect Archetyp to become the leading darknet Market in very short time. If you look at the user experience and the fast loading, the easy to understand design it will grow fast. The question that remains if the team is experienced enough to handle it? In either case, I indeed encourage you to take a look at this special market.

Reach Archetype at this URL:

OR Onion

Note that Archetyp is Monero (XMR) only market, you need to exchange your Bitcoin into Monero in order to buy - which actually is more secure that btc.

(EXIT SCAMMED) Dark0de Reborn

A market with alot of vendors and stuff to order. You will find the top rated international vendors on Dark0de Market.


Torrez Market is walletless and with a nice clean design. Probably the leading market.

Step-by-step Guide on How to buy and sell ToRRez Market.

Versus Market

  • pqqmr3p3tppwqvvapi6fa7jowrehgd36ct6lzr26qqormaqvh6gt4jyd.onion

Monopoly Market

  • monopolyberbucxu.onion


White House Market

White House Market is retiring and closing down the market soon. This was announced 2021-10-01.

The Market remains open some time, how long has not been said but they want to give their users time to settle open trades and withdraw their funds. If you have money on your account login and withdraw.

Alternatives to White House Market on the below link

Transactions require monero now, starting in 2021. No Bitcoin transactions.

How to buy stuff on the Darknet

Make extra sure that you have entirely read this whole tutorial before diving in – it’s very, very important you fully comprehend each and every step. The following guide is to assist you to buy on the Darknet Markets, the steps explained are the same for all markets - however some details can be different and there are market specific help for beginners available as well.

I strongly (VERY STRONGLY) recommend that you save this link in a plain text file or password app on your own computer, there are alot of phising sites out there that try to provide people with fake links. Be careful and especially if you have alot of Bitcoin. NOTE: ONLY WORKS IN TOR WEB BROWSER - NOT YOUR ORDINARY CHROME OR INTERNET EXPLORER - YOU MUST USE TOR TO ACCESS DARKNET AND .ONION-links.

Part 1 – Preparing

Install Tor Browser

To visit the darkweb, you will need to visit and download what is known as the Tor Browser Bundle, for your current OS. There are plenty of detailed instructions for installing it on its download webpage, for OS X, Windows, even Debian, too.

VPN - Optional step but recommended if you are going to buy frequently or bigger amounts.

You can find one here to best suit you, we review the best VPN Services for privacy on the market. Every time you use your computer your IP address is shown which reveals your actual physical address which means you can be traced very easily. A VPN must be used along with Tor (Tor is the free browser explained below) to make your online activity anonymous. When using a VPN Service it will hide your identity and location while also encrypting all of you internet traffic from everyone including your internet service provider. This technology will also protect you from identity theft and hacking when using free wifi because everything is encrypted. Any time you are searching for music, movies to download, pirated content, drugs or anything illegal then you should be using a VPN to fly under the radar. The law is trying to monitor everything we do now so don’t make it easy for them, don’t end up like the original mastermind of Silk Road and get busted. This is a must have in your anonymous arsenal.

Your first-ever step in buying something via any marketplace whatsoever, is properly setting-up your digital environment. Following below is a bare standard minimum in order to stay safe when buying personal items.

PGP - Optional step but strongly recommended. It's ok to make a first time purchase on Dream Market to try it out before you set this up since it has a small learning curve.

PGP is an especially useful method of encrypting/decrypting sensitive messages. It’s not very good of an idea to tell a vendor, your home address without first encrypting it, because should the hidden service get seized, LE will have clearly-cut evidence of the crime you have committed. One thought to bear in mind is that not all versions of GPG are created equally, so avoid using GPG methods such as iGolder or those utilizing the BouncyCastle libraries.

This site has long had essential, fundamental guides covering GPG for each and every mainstream OS, Linux, OS X, and then Windows. Linux is the best choice, obviously; however, you will be fine ordering personal goods on either OS X and Windows.

Get some Bitcoins


You need Bitcoin in order to pay, Bitcoins are anonymous and that is the main reason and it is also very hard to trace transactions from one part to another, and even if someone does it is hard to know who is the owner of the Bitcoin address.

So you need to BUY some Bitcoins and the best way is to use AgoraDesk, where you buy from users that want to sell some of their. Some of them will require your ID, a photo of your passport or similiar (Are you just ordering small amounts and occasionally this could be ok) but there are also vendors that can meet up with you and you buy the Bitcoins face-to-face paying in cash.

There are other ways getting Bitcoins of course and whichever way you buy Bitcoin is completely up to your own preference. Regardless, AgoraDesk is one of the most widely-popular options for a reason: it can be done anonymously. There’ve also been reports of Coinbase taking ban action against accounts involved in Darkweb Market deposits, so avoid that if you’re able. No need to use Tor while buying Bitcoins, because it is totally legal and buying through Tor often becomes a cumbersome ordeal.


Now that you’ve purchased some Bitcoins, you need to store them somewhere. A particularly great choice is the open-source Electrum Wallet. This is also cross-platform and has a downloadable version for Android phones. Go ahead, download it here. Using the Electrum Wallet is quite easily accomplished.

Part 2 – Some beginning tips

Some beginning tips for new users are laid out, here – some are from personal experiences and others from stories across the web:

Remember to use your birth name and real address, as nothing more than a fake name/address draws such negative attention to mail carriers. They are usually fairly familiar with residents of which houses on any block to which they deliver mail regularly and are obligated to report suspicious packages. You can actually get a P.O. Box for a small enough sum of cash, if you live with people who tend to dig through your snail mail.

If you do end up deciding to use a faux name, ensure you’ve got real-looking document forgeries to back that up, should confrontation occur. Fake identification, plus utility-bill scans are mostly sufficient to open up a P.O. box under said faux name.Be patient when you can, majority of the time. Dream Market isn’t Amazon or anything like that – things do often suffer through unexpected delays; vendors usually mark ordered items as shipped immediately, even though they only ship the day after that.

Weather and holidays can also significantly delay proper shipping timeframes. The only time you should rebutt an order’s shipment after not arriving, is after you have waited at least 14 days, or even when Auto-finalize is about to be activated. There will be more covered on this, later.

Encrypt basically everything, messages and all, which you send. These few several minutes are worth losing out on a long-term incarceration.

Should there be any negative experience with a vendor, try to message them, prior to giving a bad review. Chances are that the vendor will go to extreme lengths to make sure you get what you need, and have it all sorted sufficiently. Be as kind and polite as you can; it will move you farther in the process of getting stuff done.

No one should ever know you make purchases on DNMs. This includes not telling your friends or even your blood relatives.

Laundering the coins with which you pay, using something such as Bitcoin Fog or Grams’s Helix is a necessary thing to do, but that is your choice. If you buy personal items, this isn’t required, life or death, and as a result, it won’t be covered in this tutorial.

Anything in the market that looks too CHEAP to be true, is, in all probability, a scam.

Never ever, ever Finalize-Early, even with trusted vendors as they, too, sometimes eventually exit-scam. If and when you are able to, ship domestically as much as possible (from within your own country).

Anonymous email address

this could be important when and if the need to communicate with anyone arises, using a Gmail or Hotmail address is bound to not be of very good privacy. Instead, sign up for a free ProtonMail address. Link:

Part 3 – Getting used

FE vs No-FE

FE (finalize-early) is a procedure by which the vendor can retrieve the payment from any sale without waiting for the escrow, which is designed to make sure you do receive your product, to release funds. It’s quite discouraged in this industry, due to the obvious risks involved. Will you encounter a scam on an FE listing, your funds are undoubtedly not recoverable

Buying from within your own country

Depending on how much risk you are willing to undergo, and how long you are willing to wait to truly receive your shipped order, you can choose a specific “Shipping From” location during the search process. Ordering from “hot” nations, for instance, such as Pakistan, the Netherlands, and even Colombia are much riskier due to known trade practices in those places.

Judging the Vendor

Each vendor has his or her PGP key listed as well as the feedback they have received thus far. Just remember, a vendor having mostly positive reviews doesn’t make them bulletproof.

Another great way to get a general feel of a vendor’s reliability is to read reviews of them on the marketplace boards. this site’s listing, and/or the usual Subreddit, DarkNetMarkets. You can also the candidate vendor’s reviews on Grams.

Give feedback

If you are satisfied, please remember to leave positive feedback. The most vital component of the darkweb marketplace system is its ratings.

Old & Closed Markets

Below markets does not exist anymore. The reason is different for each of them, Exit Scam being one of the most common reasons but once in a while a markets also gets busted and seized. In some rare occassions the market admins decides to retire in a honorable way. Dream Market one good example on how to retire with honor.

(SCAM) Corona Market

The admin closed the market place, no further info given. Probably Exit scam.

(BUSTED) Dark Market


(DOWN) Empire Market

Empire Market is the oldest and probably the most reliable, or was until the 22 august 2020. That was when someone started to massively attack the site with DDoS-attacks and everybody is awaiting to see if they manage to get the site back upp and again. Please be careful with links you find, they can be phishing links.. always get the latest links from

Empire launched in January 2018 shortly after AlphaBay's demise and grew to 1.3 million users. A staff member estimates under condition of anonymity that the admins profited 2,638 BTC, $30 million USD.

(CLOSED) Deepsea Market


BitBazaar is a relatively new darkweb market that supports a significant number of cryptocurrencies, features one of the highest referral commission rates, allows purchases without user accounts, and has an ebay-style auction system.

(EXIT SCAM) Pax Romana

(BUSTED) Agartha

(CLOSED) Samsara Market

(CLOSED) Cryptonia

(CLOSED) Nightmare Market

Exit Scam - Alert july 2019, Do not use!